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Former and current clients share their experiences with
Braverman, PLLC:

    I originally hired Daniel Braverman's firm to help me negotiate a settlement with my former employer. What I got was not only a tireless advocate with brilliant advice and the ability to get results in the most trying circumstances, but also a trusted partner who genuinely had my best interests at heart. Even when negotiations were tough, not once did Dan neglect to ask how I was doing or what I wanted. He laid out all options for me in a way that was easy to understand. He drew on his extensive experience to make suggestions that were strategically sound and sensitive to the emotional ups and downs that come with legal struggle. He was easy to reach when I needed him, and he kept me informed every step of the way. And at the end of the day, he was able to get me a reward that far exceeded what I could have gotten on my own. "Caring" and "compassionate" are not words often associated with lawyers of Dan's caliber, especially in New York City. Dan Braverman is both, and it makes all the difference. I recommend his firm wholeheartedly and with no reservation.
A.F. - New York

    Dan Braverman through his experience and knowledge of the law provided me with the most competent and affordable representation; thus enabling me to prevail against my ruthless former employer (a major ad agency). Coupled with Dan's thorough advice and directions won for me more than reasonable compensation for the violation of my rights. I will confidently say you are in good hands with Dan as your attorney.
M.H. - New York.

    As a new resident to the United States, I was horrified to experience the most enduring situation where my employer decided not to pay my commissions. After getting over the shock of this situation, I decided to take legal action. After stumbling around the internet for legal recommendations I was pointed to [Braverman, PLLC] and Dan Braverman by the New York State Bar Association. I have to say that I was surprised at how easy the process was and how quickly the ordeal was over with and payment made. Like most people, I was not familiar with what to expect and after the initial liaison, I was immediately confident at the level of expertise and understanding by which my case was handled.
C.R. - New York

    I had an excellent experience dealing with Dan. He has a great background and experience - he can give you various examples and set your expectations appropriately. Dan is very knowledgeable and has good ideas of things to try and avenues to explore. I am very happy with the Dan's services - he took care of the business, and at the same time kept me up to date at every turn. I would highly recommend Dan.
G.K. - New York

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank [Mr. Braverman] once again for all the hard work effort you put into resolving my issue with my former employer. You managed to get far more than I ever expected in the settlement. I got a lot satisfaction seeing everything come together and being resolved so quickly and watch a company used to bullying people around being put in it's place. The settlement also enabled me to get back on my feet and head in the right direction, back to school; and all this, during very troubled times for most people. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all the best hope in 2009.
A.M. - New York

    I was impressed with Mr. Braverman's ability to listen and his very approachable style and positive attitude. In addition, he was honest in assessing the merits of the situation and whether further action could be taken that would result in a positive outcome. I would certainly seek out or recommend Mr. Braverman for future employment issues.
P.S. - New York

    I was delighted with the experience I had with Mr. Braverman. He was honest, direct, and very clear. He knew the law and how it would be applied to me, particularly since he had been an attorney both for corporations and for plaintiffs. He laid out the various possibilities and what the likely outcomes would be for each. He never led me on with exaggerated promises. To the contrary~ He said and did exactly what he had proposed, with my informed participation, of course. He did get me a fair settlement in spite of the fact that my case was difficult to prove. I think very highly of his abilities and would recommend him without reservation.
A.S. - New York

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